Correct Power Institute

Correct Power Institute (CPI) GmbH is a technology player in the field of computing centers. Beyond consulting and servicing, CPI delivers complete solutions in the area of energy efficiency and clean technologies. Such energy management systems measure and control not only the consumption of electrical energy, but also ensure higher availability and drastic energy savings. Users of CPI solutions are supplied with information amongst others by cloud-based solutions.

Only by intelligent visualization approaches, a comprehensible presentation of complex data relationships can be achieved. Thus, CPI has selected VisiWin by INOSOFT and Ergosign to develop an HMI, which gives users quick overviews, intuitive drill-downs and details-on-demand in an user-friendly and efficient way. Ergosign developed not only the required interaction concept and visual design, but as well a XAML-based prototype.

Moreover the design was also adapted to the mobile context and implemented on a MS Slate (Tablet) with WPF. The prototype received very positive feedback on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES fare in Nurnberg.

Technical Environment

  • WPF
  • Expression Blend 4
  • VisiWin
  • Microsoft Slate (Tablet PC)


  • Conceptual Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping