TI Automotive

TI Automotive is a leading provider of plastic fuel reservoirs (tanks) for the automotive industry. True to the motto of “Fluid Thinking™” – which stands for continuously finding and advancing creative solutions and innovative technologies – Ergosign and TI Automotive created an HMI for TI’s production machines that is groundbreaking for the industry: FluidV™.

Aspiring intuitive learnability, a high recognition value and consistent design, the existent machinery was revived with an innovative control system. At the same time, the numerous legacy control concepts were standardized. As a result, FluidV™ features a structure modular and flexible enough to virtually employ it with all production machines. In addition, operators of all machines are optimally supported in any kind of situation – by smart use cases and workflows that provide function pages specifically designed for all imaginable circumstances.

FluidV™ – devised and designed by Ergosign in close cooperation with TI Automotive and developed using WPF in cooperation with INOSOFT – is characterized by minimalist design that deliberately spares all unnecessary effects. This focus on clarity and simplicity is supported by a clear distinction between global status indication and the working area. The result – being just as convenient as efficient – was so convincing that all the newly developed control cabinets can do nearly without any mechanical sensing devices. All manual functions are controlled via multi-touch interface – a minor revolution.

This result was also achieved thanks to many unprecedented visualizations and sophisticated detailed solutions. This also includes the reduction and simplification of technical information. FluidV™ smartly aggregates this information, helping the user to focus on the essential. Security-relevant aspects were also accounted for – the user interface can efficiently and safely be single-touch operated while optional multi-touch features offer faster operation options for experts. Enriched by unobtrusive supporting animations, the result is excellent user experience.

Technical Environment

  • WPF
  • VisiWin


  • User and Task Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Visual Design
  • Expert Review
  • UI Development (Complete Implementation)
  • Design Manual