SMS Siemag

SMS Siemag AG is leading provider of plants, machinery, services and process know-how for the steel, aluminium and metal industry. In this role, SMS Siemag takes up technology leadership in the sector of machinery construction. Within the scope of project “Leitstand 2015” (“Control Station 2015”), the same quality standard was also applied to the control platforms.

Apart from user-focused control concepts, most of all innovative input devices played a major role in this project. The systematic deployment of display elements such as touch table, video wall or mobile tablet devices serves to underline SMS Siemag’s visionary ambitions for the future. Additionally, the spatial design was to be radically reworked with respect to materials, shape and colours.

In order to realize this intent, a holistic control stand concept was developed in cooperation with industry design expert “Busse Design & Engineering”. The close cooperation of both service providers involved (Ergosign & BusseDesign) in selecting and positioning input devices and screens on the one hand and in conceiving the user interface on the other, resulted in the control stand’s maximum overall ergonomic operability with due regard to real use cases.

As of today (prototype realized), the project has lasted about 1 ½ years. In order to achieve improved controllability for the overall process, the project was split into the four stages of exploration, rough and detailed concept and WPF prototyping. All stages were completed successfully. SMS Siemag will publicly announce the results one by one within the scope of in-house and external events in order to gain acceptance.

Technical Environment

  • WinCC (flexible)
  • PCS7
  • WPF
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Windows 7/8


  • User and Task Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Visual Design
  • UI Development (Look & Feel)
  • Custom Controls